ACM NanoCoCoA 2021

2nd ACM International Workshop on Nanoscale Computing, Communication, and Applications

co-located with ACM SenSys 2021, November 17, 2021

Nanotechnology continues to revolutionize a wide variety of fields by paving the way toward sub-µm scale devices (i.e., in the order of a few hundred nanometers). Controlling materials on such a scale is expected to give rise to integrated nanodevices with simple sensing, actuation, data processing and storage, and communication capabilities, opening the horizon to a variety of ground-breaking applications. By equipping nanodevices with wireless communications capabilities, nanotechnology will facilitate the advance of multiple disruptive applications, the most prominent ones being in-body communication, software-defined metamaterials, wireless robotic materials, and on-chip communication.

Communication among the nanodevices, as well as between them and the macroscale world, will be required to achieve the promise of the above-mentioned application domains. Predominantly due to the small size and limited capabilities of nanodevices, classical communication paradigms are not directly applicable to nanocommunication and networking. Thus, several alternative nanocommunication paradigms have emerged, with the most promising one for enabling all of the envisioned applications being high-frequency (mmWave and terahertz (THz)) electromagnetic nanocommunication.

The overall objective of the ACM NanoCoCoA is to bring together a broad range of experts on nanoscale computing, high frequency electromagnetic (mmWave, THz) nanocommunication and networking, and the promising application domains, in order to  outline, discuss, and address emerging topics pertaining to designing nanodevices and wireless systems of nanodevices for this novel set of disruptive nanoscale applications.